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The Right Type of Pipe: Choosing Your New Piece

June 7, 2021

Happy Dayz has a large selection of water pipes varying in size, shape, material, and thickness to the point where it can become overwhelming. We are here to provide a loose guideline in deciphering which style is right for you.

What are we smoking?

Depending on if you smoke dry herbs, extracts, or mix tobacco, the type of bong you will need for an optimal experience will vary. We suggest having a piece dedicated to each substance.

Dry Herb: Luckily for you almost all styles are a great option but we suggest narrowing down your selection by answering a few more questions

Extracts: For an optimal smoking experience, choose a small sized water pipe that contains a percolator.

Tobacco Mix: Water pipes that are straight versus having a beaker base are preferred.

What level of consumption and experience do you have?

Beginner: The lung capacity of a beginner is smaller than those who have more experience. A small to medium size piece, preferably with a beaker base, would be a great option to purchase. The chamber of water helps filter the smoke providing a smoother hit and a smaller size accommodates for smaller hits.

Intermediate: At this stage you are used to smoking from a water pipe thus your options have become broader. Each size would be perfect for you depending on your personal experience. We recommend medium to larger sized bongs and depending on your progress on pulling in the smoke and changes in lung capacity, a choice between straight bases, beaker bases or round bases can be made. 

        Straight Base: Better for smaller lungs as you don’t have to pull as hard since   the smoke has less water to pass through.

        Beaker Base: filter smoke more and water chamber allows for dense smoke to build to provide a larger hit.

            Round Base: A simple variation to the design producing the same effects as a beaker but providing another aesthetic option.

Experienced: At this point you have developed a personal preference for your smoke experience. We recommend large pieces or purchasing attachments such as ash catchers or bubblers to enhance your experience. If you purchase attachments, we suggest beaker bongs as the large base prevents your piece from tipping over from the extra weight.

What will your use look like?

Depending on how your day-to-day typically goes, the material of your piece may impact how long your piece will last. 

Types of Materials

Glass: The most popular material among users as they provide a clean taste and are easy to clean. Unfortunately they are the most expensive, but the money is worth it. Standard glass water pipes start at 5mm thickness with options expanding to 7mm and 9mm.

Acrylic: Less likely to break and easier to carry around for traveling, these bongs are another great option for users. These pieces are low cost making them a decent option for those on a budget or looking for a temporary replacement.The downside to acrylics is that the quality and strength of the material decreases in the long term.

Silicone: This material is nearly indestructible as they can be bent or dropped and can withstand temperatures up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit. Cleaning is a breeze as it is dishwasher safe and majority of cleaners come in a silicone friendly-formula. We suggest giving these a try as they come in a variety of shapes and sizes at affordable prices!

Are you clumsy?

Silicone or acrylic water pipes are optimal for the clumsy individual as these materials can handle bumps or falls. We also suggest staying away from straight base water pipes as they may tip over more easily.

Are you outdoors-y?

Small to medium sized bongs will be preferred as it can be stored and transported while thicker glass (7mm-9mm) or a silicone/acrylic piece will provide durability. 

Have a unique concern for your usage?

Our associates at Happy Dayz are happy to help evaluate your needs to come up with the perfect solution for you whether you need supplies to make your own bong, want the next best piece on the market or still unsure and want some in-person advice.