Education & Wellness

What is THC-A?

While THC-A can easily be confused with THC, the compound in weed that gets you high, it’s actually much different. In this piece, we’ll discuss how THC-A becomes THC, what happens when you consume ...

June 25, 2022

Cannabis Lifestyle

What is Twaxing?

A new trend emerged around 2018 of applying concentrates to joints and bowls, often in intricate designs. It’s called “twaxing.” Broadly speaking, twaxing is the practice of amplifying raw cannabis ...

June 23, 2022

Cannabis Lifestyle

Top 5 Questions to Ask Your Budtender or Cannista

Many don’t realize that being a budtender or cannista at a dispensary is a job that requires a lot of knowledge. Good customer service in the cannabis industry means more than being pleasant, attent ...

June 22, 2022

Benefits Brand & Corporate Announcements

Day 12: 25% off XMG, Shredems, Little Victory, Jolts and more

Taste the holiday spirit with 25% off Edison, Trailblazer, and Shred edibles PLUS, save on Little Victory, Bedfellows, Mollo, XMG and Veryvellbeverages! With various flavours to choose from, you won ...

December 23, 2021

Benefits Brand & Corporate Announcements

Day 11: 20% off pre-rolls!

We rolled up something really good for you here… pre-rolled joints with 20% off! They’re ready-to-smoke, don’t require any extra setup, and are perfect for everyone on your list.

December 22, 2021

Benefits Brand & Corporate Announcements

Day 10: Two Spinach 3.5g for $40

Mix and match your favourite Spinach strains with this deal! When you’re just as indecisive as us you don’t have to settle for just one 😅

December 21, 2021