A Tip about Tips

A Tip about Tips

A tip, a filter, a crutch, or a roach. Don’t you hate when you’re smoking a J and you get bits of your bud in your mouth? Introducing the joint filter. Joint filters or joint crutches are little apparatus’ that act as a mouthpiece between your lips and a joint. 

Benefits of Using a Tip

Alright, so why should you use a tip when rolling your joint? 

  • The Tip Acts As A Handle

When you’re passing your J around, the filter will be a great place for your friends to grab so you don’t drop the joint and ruin your smoke sesh. Not to mention, if you have slobbery friends who leave your joint all soggy, the filter will help maintain the structure of your J. 

  • You Won’t Burn Yourself 

Adding a little bit of space with that filter means no more burnt fingers or lips. You can hold on to that roach so you don’t have your fingers near the cherry, and your lips will only be on the filter and not the paper so there will be no soggy joint tip. 

  • Improve Your Smoking Experience

A filter is great for keeping a consistent airflow through the joint. Also, as a nice bonus a filter allows you to smoke all of your weed without being wasteful. Ya know when you have to waste a little bit of the end of the joint to avoid burning your fingers? No more of that! And the tip blocks bits of your bud from getting in your mouth. 

  • Easier to Roll

When rolling, adding a filter can add stability to the construction of your joint, it will help to wrap the paper around something sturdy like a rolled tip. This will also improve the durability of your joint. 

  • Better For You 

Joint filters can catch some of the chemicals and tar found in smoke. Reducing the exposure to that tar can reduce coughing during smoking. Which is a plus for your lungs! 

Types of Filters 
  • Glass   

    For you purists out there, you can still smoke from glass while smoking a spliff. Glass is a durable, reliable and safe material to smoke from. This is also a very environmentally-friendly ways to use a tip, as you can wash and reuse them. With glass, you’ll have a smooth cool feel on your lips instead of paper. 

    • DIY Crutches

    You can make a crutch out of a lot of different things you probably have in your house already. If you have a stiff paper, that’s what will make the best filter. Some great options are index cards, business cards, or even cereal boxes. 


    • Silicone

    Now here’s a great option for a reusable tip that won’t break. These are an inexpensive option and you won’t have to repurchase paper tips. They are vibrant and colourful so they can make your joint a little more fun. The silicone is food-grade quality and is heat resistant. 

    • Pre-Cut Crutches

    There are so many great filter papers on the market. Tips come in many different styles with different features so you can experiment and find the perfect ones for you. There is everything from gummed, perforated, wide, and even pre-rolled. For ultimate ease, these pre-rolled tips from RAW work perfectly when you just want to drop your tip in and roll up. 

    Written by Jordan Caroe-Vanderveer for Happy Dayz