Accessorize Your Rolling

Accessorize Your Rolling

A joint can be a simple, fast and easy way to smoke weed. All you need is product, papers, and your hands. However, there are new and innovative gadgets on the market that can make the experience a whole lot easier. 

What does every great joint roller need in their toolbox? In this blog post, we’re gonna share the essentials for the perfect smoke-sesh. While smoking a joint may be the easiest and most common way to consume cannabis, to have the most enjoyable rolling experience here’s what accessories you’ll need. 

Rolling Papers 

To roll a joint, at the bare minimum you’re going to need some paper. Find the right paper for you by reading more about selecting the right paper for you in our Papers blog



A crutch is perfect if you don’t want to get excess bits of bud in your mouth because you know we all hate that.  


If you aren’t using a grinder yet, you need to ASAP. Sure you could grind up your bud with your fingers but that can be annoying and tough on the hands. On top of that, it can improve your smoking experience by ensuring that your product is broken down enough for proper airflow. If you wanna get a little more fancy, you can pick up a three or four-piece grinder that comes with kief catchers or collectors. Not only will you get the most consistent and smooth grind, it will also make it easier to roll and easier to smoke. You’ll save yourself a lot of time so, invest in a grinder. 
It allows you to beautifully dice up your buds without getting your hands sticky and grimy. One of the most important items any stoner can have is a solid and time-saving grinder. You will be able to broke down your weed properly for the best smoking experience whether you’re using bongs, bowls or rolling a joint. It’s best to choose a grinder that has a kief catcher so that you make the most of your weed.

Rolling Machine

This is the perfect gadget to have for beginners or people who want a fast, consistent outcome. It’s a simple and affordable item that takes out a lot of the hassle of rolling. 

Doob Tubes or Joint Holders


Keep your joint intact and hide the smell from any passersby with a joint holder. These are especially handy if you can’t finish your whole J and you wanna save it for later. 

Stash Jar

If you want your weed to last and go the distance, you need to store it correctly. 
A Tight Vac container or stash jar serves many purposes, airtight jars will help mask the smell of your weed, your weed won't get flattened in a bag making it optimal to grind up, and most importantly, it’ll keep your product fresh. You spent good money on your precious bud, so we want to make sure you’re keeping it in the best condition. 

Rolling Tray

Using a rolling tray prevents your weed from spilling all over your apartment and keeps your gear all in one clean space. A tray with a large flat surface and rounded corners will ease your rolling experience.


Once you roll your beautiful joint and light it up, you can’t forget about the ash! You can express yourself with funny designs and impress your friends during your next smoke-sesh with.