Back to Basics: Hand Pipes

Back to Basics: Hand Pipes

The good ol’ hand pipe. This classic device goes back thousands of years as a way to smoke selected herbs. Many of us who have smoked have had an experience with using a hand pipe whether it was the first way you tried cannabis or it is your go-to piece to enjoy a puff. There are many benefits to having a hand pipe as you can load as you go depending on how your post-smoke experience is going and is easily portable.

A standard pipe will have a bowl and a reservoir for the smoke to travel, and depending on your pipe, it may have a carb (hole) on the side.

Why is there a carb (hole) on my pipe? 

Covering the carb allows the smoke to build up in the hollow of the pipe. Releasing your finger off the carb pushes all the smoke at once as opposed to a long drag.

General Tip for Size

The longer the pipe, the cooler the smoke as it has more time to travel before reaching your mouth and throat

Pipes are made of different materials, which one do I choose?

At Happy Dayz we like to say "There is no wrong way to smoke."
This means that everyone has their own preference of smoking devices, we are here to help you choose the right one, so lets get you informed.

Glass as Standard

    Glass pipes offer the purest and cleanest smoking experience as the material will not alter the flavour of your herb. You can find a wide variety of shapes and sizes for affordable pricing. It is very easy to clean and as long as you don’t drop your piece, it can last a very long time.


    Another popular option are metal pipes. These may be chosen over glass for its durability and toughness when roughly handled. Depending on the metal pipe, you may be able to dismantle the parts for easier cleaning. A downside to metal is that you are prone to obtaining a metallic taste during your session.


    An aesthetically pleasing option that is very similar to glass and metal in functionality and does not produce additional flavours when smoked.The downside to stone is that it is brittle and can easily crack if it is not stored and used carefully. Stone is also porous, so it will build up a residue over time. Luckily, cleaning is still a breeze as alcohol-based cleaners can be used on stone.


    Wood pipes are very nostalgic for users thus some will choose wood for their style versus functionality. Depending on the wood, natural, earthy flavours are produced providing a nice smokey hit (pun intended). Unfortunately wood pipes are difficult to clean as you cannot soak them in a solution without ruining the look and integrity of your pipe.


    This material is the latest innovation for hand pipes. For the clumsy or outdoors-y smoker, these are a great option. Silicone is nearly indestructible as they can be bent or dropped and can withstand temperatures up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit. Cleaning is a breeze as silicone is dishwasher safe and majority of cleaners come in a silicone friendly-formula.

CAUTION:  Buy silicone pieces from reputable shops who supply kitchen-grade silicone products as convenience stores may be using a cheaper silicone that may melt when used.

Happy Dayz has brought in a new selection of Cheech & Chong and Red Eye Glass along with new styles of silicone and wood pipes. Stop by your local Happy Dayz today!

Want to learn how to use your piece? Stay tuned for our next posting!


Written by:

Natassja Stephensen for Happy Dayz