How do you select your papers?

How do you select your papers?

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How do you select your papers?

There are tons of papers on the market, so how do you choose? There are many qualities to take into consideration here. From the size, to the material they are made from and with, the brand can be a factor as well as what they come with. Once we lay out the differences - whether you are a beginner or a rolling veteran, we are confident that you should be able to make an educated decision on the papers you prefer.

    Let’s start with sizes. One of the most common sizes you will see is “single”, which is popularly associated with the brand Zig-Zag. Single papers are between 68-70 mm in length and 34-36 mm wide. They also usually come in packs of 100 leaves. This is a great starting point if you’re just learning to roll. If you botch your roll, you will most likely have a few more papers to practice with. We’ve seen them in varying thicknesses too. Gizeh, a popular brand at Happy Dayz comes in 3 different types thickness. The blue package is named “original” 21.0 g/m², while the red pack is dubbed “fine” at 18.5g/m². Finally, the green is known to us as “super fine” coming in at a thinness of 12.0g/m². The thicker your paper is the more strength it will have when rolling. Once you develop your technique, we suggest a thinner paper, as it tends to provide the least taste interference with your herb. You can find both brand selections right here, at your local HD location.

    The next size which is our widest selection of brands, materials and one of our most popular sizes is 1¼.  Sized up to a generous 76-78 mm in length and 45-48 mm in width. If you’ve had troubles with the smaller “single” size paper, this one may be easier. 6-8 mm may not seem like much, but when it comes to a rolling paper - it can be everything. This size comes in the biggest selection of variations. From materials to brands to quantities. One of our largest brand selections is Raw, who offer two materials to choose from. Raw classic is made with a mix hemp and flax seed fibers. Raw organic is made with just their organic hemp. The newest edition to their line is Raw classic black. This paper is made of the same material as the classic, however they are pressed thinner than the original classic. Raw 1¼ is available in small quantities of 50 leaves to large quantities of 300! Another popular name to be known is OCB. OCB x-pert and premium are made from flax plant fibers and are described as “virtually transparent” by OCB. A more recent contender to the rolling paper world is Big Bark. They have a very sleek pack that has a built-in magnet to hold the package shut tightly in your pocket. Preventing damage to your papers or your tips. You read that right, tips. This pack is designed to hold 80 papers and 80 tips. They also come in a variety of materials. We will touch on materials a little later. 

    Last, but certainly not least, we have king size papers. Measuring in at a massive 100 to 110 mm in length and 42-60mm in width. These are generally used by a more experienced smoker or someone who is sharing with a group of people. The Smoking brand is taking the lead on this size. We have Smoking Green, Eco and KUKUXUMUSU. Smoking green are specifically 108 mm in length and 52mm in width. The perfect size to roll a larger spliff to enjoy in a circle of friends. This pack comes with 33 leaves, providing up to 33 jointly enjoyed highs. Pun intended. Aha ha! While Smoking green is great, if you prefer something with a bit less of a width, Pure Hemp is only 44mm wide in comparison to Smoking Green at 52 mm.

Rolling on to materials that rolling papers are made of. There is a vast amount of materials to pick from. To list a few: rice, wood pulp, hemp and flax. We will talk about the difficulty of rolling with specific materials, the strengths they provide and affect the taste of the paper may have on your herb. After we go over each material, we will suggest brands that contain those materials.

Hemp is the most desired material. Aside from making it easy to have an organic product, they also don’t tend to hinder the taste of your roll. They are known to be in the middle in terms of difficulty with rolling. They are on the thinner side but tend to be a strong material. You can find hemp papers in almost any brand. Smoking Eco is made with 100% hemp, their package is even made of hemp. Smoking should be recognized for striving to have a fully biodegradable product. We see you Smoking! Raw organic is hugely known for their exclusive use of hemp, as well as Pure Hemp, OCB and even Element. However, Element is more popularly known for their rice paper. 

One of the most commonly known materials in the paper industry is rice. Rice papers were one of the first to be mass-produced in the 1800s. This type is generally known to be one of the thinnest and most difficult to roll. Even the slightest amount of moisture can make this paper a foe rather than a friend. Rice is also recognized for its slow burning properties as it will go out if you get distracted and walk away from your lit joint in the ashtray. Big Bark Select and Element are both a rice paper. Element papers are available in both king size and 1¼ with 33 leaves per pack. Big Bark select is also made with rice but includes tips in the pack at a quantity of 80 leaves and 80 tips.


Another substance rolling papers can be made with flax. It is rarely used on its own, it is usually combined with another pulp like wood or hemp. Flax pulp is made from flax seed. While you may not get all the nutrients smoking it as you would eating it, you also aren’t getting all the horrible chemicals that are in other kinds of rolling papers. OCB premium and Raw classic are made with a mixture of hemp and flax.

    The last material would be wood pulp. Which is exactly what it sounds like. Wood from trees. This is a commonly used material in thicker papers which are great for beginners. The thickness and overall strength of the product make it easier to roll with if you are not experienced in making sure there are no stems in your roll. They tend to fair better to the abuse papers go through when your trying to find your groove in rolling. Wood pulp and flax is the main ingredients of Zig Zags.

    Finally, the last consideration is flavoured papers. Juicy jay is a great paper to spice up your life. Whether you like the taste of fruit and candy, or maybe you just like the fun prints on the paper; Juicy Jay will have something for you. Juicy Jay uses hemp paper and soy-based ink. All-natural ingredients with a “triple dipped” system for the best and strongest flavour. They are available in a regular thickness and a “super fine” thinness. Happy Dayz carries over 25 flavours of juicy Jays in stores!

    In the end, the choice belongs to you and what you value in a rolling paper. Do you prefer eco-friendly Smoking or Raw papers? Maybe you prefer a thin tasteless Rice paper like Element? Sometimes you need a compact on the go rolling paper and tip set like Big Bark has to offer. Then, there are times when you just want to feel like you’re on vacation for 2 dollars with a pineapple paper from Juicy Jay. No matter what you choose we are sure you can find it in our new Happy Dayz online shop on our new website!

Written by Brittany Kieran for Happy Dayz