Doobs and You – “Cannabis Cigarettes” 101

Doobs and You – “Cannabis Cigarettes” 101


The first step in rolling the perfect joint is to grind down your herb. You can use your fingers, some scissors, or a grinder. We recommend using a grinder as it is a quick and easy method to achieve the desired consistency. Should you use your fingers, it is recommended that you wash and dry your hands to prevent sticky fingertips from ripping the rolling paper later on. 

WARNING: Make sure you separate any seeds or stems from the leaves as the stems may rip your paper - forcing you to start over again. Hidden seeds within a joint once ignited pop in your face, making it a safety hazard.




The second step is to prepare your filter tip. Filters help smooth the smoke, prevent you from burning your lips and fingers, and let you get the most out of what you’re smoking. If you do not want a filter tip, skip this step, and taper the joint at the inhalation point. 

CAUTION: Monitor where the joint ends and the filter begins as you don’t want to burn and inhale the filter tip material

There are a variety of styles of rolling tips and filters with the classic booklet of thin cardboard leaflets as the most popular option. The most effective way to manually roll a cardboard filter tip is to start by making tiny accordion folds at one end of the cardboard. Once you have used approximately one quarter of the material, bunch up the folds and roll the cardboard around it. At this point, your cardboard filter tip is now complete and you should have a small cylinder with a zigzag fold inside.

Other Options:  There are a selection of pre-rolled tips available for those who have difficulty making their own tips or are Eco-conscious which can be made of paper, silicone, and glass.




Preparing the Paper

It is time to choose your preferred paper. Take one out of the pack and you should have a small paper cradle, if the papers you use have no fold in them, fold one leaf in half lengthwise. Make sure the shiny, gummed line along the paper is facing towards you. Place the filter on the far left or far right side of your paper. Then, fill the empty section of the paper with your finely ground cannabis. I recommend filling it slightly more than the width of the filter, because when it comes time to roll, the cannabis will compact together becoming tighter than before. 


Rolling Motion

Now that your paper is full, you can begin to shape the joint by pinching the two sides of the paper together and working the cannabis down to bottom of the fold. Once the cannabis is evenly spread, and approximately the same thickness as your filter, roll the side of the paper closest to you around the cannabis, tucking the edge of the paper under the cannabis. I recommend starting to tuck the paper around the same side as your filter, as it is the sturdiest part of the joint and will help guide the shape of your joint. Once you have tucked the paper under the cannabis, lightly lick the glue so that it is ready to adhere to the paper. Now is the opportunity to finally adjust the joint and wrap the paper around to the appropriate tightness. Once it has been sealed, I recommend pressing it along the glue line, to make sure it remains attached. Finally, pinch the open end of the joint, so that the cannabis stays inside the joint. Voila! You have just rolled a joint.



Should you feel uncomfortable with this process, there are other options available for you to still be able to smoke a joint. The first option is rolling machines, which are manually operated tools that roll the perfect joint every time. They are available in straight and cone rolled. The second option is pre-rolled cones. These cones are pre-rolled papers with tip and stuffing tool included. Simply fill the open end of the cone, and stuff to desired tightness. If you want to have a bit of fancy fun with your rolling, look to the rolling artisans for inspiration. There's the classic cross joint, the L-pape, the tulip, the turkey. These types of rolls are far beyond my skill level, but a wonder to behold. 



When referring to a joint or “cannabis cigarette”, there are a handful of different terms used to describe what kind you are smoking. The slang used highly depends on where you are, as well. Here is a glossary.

Spliff – A cannabis cigarette mixed with tobacco. 

Joint – A cannabis cigarette.

Blunt – A cannabis cigarette rolled in hemp wrap or tobacco leaves.

Doobies – A cannabis cigarette. 


Like any smoking method, joints have their pros and cons. The pros of rolling and smoking a joint is that they are easy to conceal. They mimic the look of a cigarette, and can be thrown away easily. For some, they are the preferred method of smoking because of their smoothness. This is a debatable point – I find harshness is a very personal experience and every smoker has their own idea about what is an enjoyable smoke. In comparison to vaping, surely many would agree that smoking is indeed harsher. This is because one must also factor in the burning of the paper into the overall smoothness of the smoke. Compared to pipes, I believe it is a similar experience, however, it is easier to monitor the size of your toke with a joint. If your pipe has a large bowl, I find sometimes it is easy to overestimate the amount you should be smoking. Similarly, bongs even more so than pipes – as the cannabis smoke is filtered through the water, it is harder to know how much smoke you intake. 

Looking for roll and smoke accessories? Happy Dayz has you covered. We have a great selection of funky rolling trays to catch whatever falls out of your hands during the rolling process.
Particular about papers? There are all sorts of papers in-store to satisfy every smoker – hemp wraps, flavoured papers, and a variety of thicknesses in the papers as well.
Smoking on the go? Don't forget to protect your joint with a doob toob (a joint-sized tube with a screw on lid).
Are you a gamer and a stoner? Pick up one of our joint-holding silicone rings so you can smoke and play at the same time. 

 Written by Sam Ballard for Happy Dayz