The Hip Side of Cannabis

The Hip Side of Cannabis

The Tragically Hip are undoubtedly one of Canada’s golden groups since they began in the 80’s, having decades of music referencing both the ups and downs of Canada’s past. They are more Canadian than a beaver in a Mounties’ uniform, harvesting maple syrup, while snowshoeing through the Yukon for Christ sake! Even if you don’t own an album you can most likely sing along to one of their hits when it chimes in on the radio. (Ahh good old Canadian content) Now with the whole of Canada supporting both the band and Downey in his battle with brain cancer, it was only a matter of time for this “perfect fit” to come about. That “perfect fit” as The Hip described it, is the partnership between the Canadian 5 piece and Newstrike Resources, a licensed producer of medical Cannabis based out of Brantford, Ontario.

As announced at the end of May this year, The Tragically Hip have become considerable investors (through controlled companies) of the health Canada licensed provider whose mission is to become a “best in class’ Cannabis producer, and who have seemingly struck the marketing and branding gold mine with this Canadian partnership. A statement from Newstrike CEO Jay Wilgar was made discussing the partnership, “The members of The Tragically Hip are known to a generation of Canadians as artists, they have never wavered in their commitment to quality and integrity. As investors they will apply those same principals to Newstrike. I’m proud, humbled, and honoured that they chose us to partner with and invest in us.” The Tragically Hip also posted a statement to their website,

“Hello Friends, We are happy to announce that we have become partners with one of Canada’s newest, soon to be public, licensed producers of medicinal marijuana. The company is called Newstrike and, after much discussion and assessment on our part, we’ve decided that this company – and the many creative people in it – are a perfect fit for The Hip. Medicinal cannabis is legal in Canada, and it already greatly benefits the health and well being of many of our fellow Canadians. There is a commitment from the Federal Government to legalize recreational use in just over a year, and with good reason. The harm wrought by the prohibition of marijuana has been thoroughly researched and documented. This is a common-sense-policy and, in our opinion, is a change for the best. Newstrike has done its due diligence with respect to all aspects of this business. They’ve hired pre-eminent scientists and growers, developed large, well-structured sites and have the wherewithal and expertise to take this on. We are excited about our involvement with Newstrike and are looking forward to the prospect of contributing creatively to their efforts. More to come, G + G + J + R + P”

So we agree that this partnership has taken the proverbial plaid Canadiana cake, but it’s also more than a partnership, it’s more than just a love for Cannabis. The Hip understands firsthand the medical side of the plant, that there are different strains for different needs and treatments and that the plant WORKS! This also isn’t the first partnership between medical Cannabis producers and celebrities, Tweed, another Canadian LP aced the partnership test back in 2016 gaining Snoop Dog and his brand Leafs by Snoop. Tragically Hip fans even took it upon themselves to start brainstorming creative strain names such as “Tragically Hemp”, “Chronically Hip”, “Budcaygeon” and “Weed Kings”, but at this point fans are ahead of the plan said Newstrike CEO. With baby boomers becoming the fastest growing age group embracing and using Cannabis, and as more creatives, business professionals and hobbyists realize the opportunities and open doors by partnering and investing in the up and coming Cannabis industry. People will become less stigmatized about the plant and realize the need for it and the vast amount of usages it has in the world. Things like this partnership and the pending legalization for Canada are going to wake up the industry and is pushing more and more on the stigmatization threshold, so we encourage you to keep asking, and educating those who blindly believe there is no good in the Cannabis industry.

Article Written by Miranda Parker