The Latest Dab Innovation: The Nectar Collector

The Latest Dab Innovation: The Nectar Collector


For those who enjoy smoking extracts such as dabs, we have a new addition we would like to introduce to you! Nectar collectors are essentially a dab rig in one linear unit. Very similar to a standard rig they have a mouthpiece, a water chamber, a percolator and a nail that you torch. There are some units available on the market that contain waterless chambers but we always suggest filtrating your smoke with some H2O.

During use, it is recommended that you use a quartz or silicone dish to position your concentrate as you can move the tip around the dish as you vaporize your concentrate. The best way to control the size of your dab is to repeatedly tap your Nectar Collector until you’ve pulled enough vapour through. Most Nectar Collectors contain clips to add security to joints and is essential as a hot nail can be quite dangerous if it starts flying around.

Nectar Collectors are fantastic as they provide portability and convenience due to its simple shape and removable parts. They can be made from glass or silicone, containing either glass, ceramic or titanium nails or you can find an electric nectar collectors that are available on the market. These self-contained units are unique and a great new addition to your collection but will take some trial and error to find the sweet spot in the temperature fluctuation of your unit. 

Happy Dayz currently carries The Red Eye Freshly Baked Collector, Lit's Silicone Collector and Gear Premium’s Dabmolisher that features a removable titanium nail with a titanium clip and a showerhead percolator. 

Written by Natassja Stephensen for Happy Dayz