Potent Pens for Concentrates

Potent Pens for Concentrates

Cannabis is huge right now in Canada, however the method you choose to consume. Today we will be talking about concentrate pens. There are a variety of pens to choose from for the various forms of concentrates. Let’s break it down to make shopping for your pen easier, whether you are using shatter, distillate, wax or even honey oil.

What is a concentrate?
              Concentrate is an umbrella term used to describe an extracted form of cannabis. Back it up; what we mean by extracted form of cannabis is the good stuff (terpenes and cannabinoids) has been pulled out of the physical plant. While leaving any other impurities behind, you are left with just the desired compounds of the plant.

What are concentrate pens and why are people drawn to them?
              They are a convenient alternative method to using a dab rig. They are clean, concealable, portable, simple to use and the odour is minimal.

How do they work?
              There are four main components. The first piece to the pen is your mouthpiece, then your coil, your ignition and battery. Once you hit the ignition button, the battery lights the coil. The coil is where your extract or concentrate is converted into a vapour by the heat of the coil produced from the battery.

What should you consider when looking for a concentrate pen?

  • Quartz Coils

            Coils are the most common part that is considered when purchasing a vape pen. The majority of pens come with a quartz coil. There is a quartz post in the bottom with a coil wrapped around it. Quartz is known to be a flavourless material. This coil heats up fast and is easy to clean, but doesn’t last forever. Most of our Yocan products come with a dual quartz coil, meaning there are two coils in the one chamber providing a quick and strong vapour. If you don’t find that strong enough, have no fear the Evolve plus XL is here! Coming in with the heat of not two, not three but FOUR coils.


  • Ceramic Coils 
                Another coil that is available for Yocan products is the ceramic coils. In a ceramic coil, there is a ceramic cup with the coil lined around the bottom and another piece of ceramic over top of the coil. Ceramic disperses the heat slowly and more evenly. Thus, avoiding any possible burnt taste from its brother(quartz coil) heating up too strong or too fast. Also considering the hidden aspect of the coil allows the coil to last much longer due to its lack of interaction with the actual product being vaped. 


    • Battery/Charger
                  Most of the first batteries on the market were much like that of the Evolve by Yocan. You would have to unscrew the actual battery from the coil chamber to screw the battery into a charger. This method is fine, however, means you cannot use it while charging.
      Upgrading to the Evolve Plus by Yocan will allow you to use it while charging as it comes with a micro USB charger. Otherwise known as a pass-through charger. It is not suggested to use while charging as it can impact battery life and charging only takes roughly 2 hours. If you are in a pinch and need a quick toot the option is there.

    Which pen for which concentrate?
                Shatter/Wax/Budder or as we like to call them the thicker more solid form of concentrates can be used in almost all of the Yocan products.

    The most common:

  • Evolve by Yocan goes for $45.00 in-store with taxes!
  • Evolve Plus by Yocan is only $55.00 taxes included for the basic coloured ones.  
  • Evolve Plus limited edition colours by Yocan is only $65.00 in-store.

    • Evolve Plus XL(Quad coil) is sold at $70.00 with tax!

      If you are looking to use a product with a more liquid viscosity, like distillate or honey oil, you will need a tank. For this product, we suggest one of the multi-purpose Yocan products. The Yocan Evolve 3 in 1 kit comes with a small empty tank similar to the prefilled units. The 3 in 1 pen goes for a very affordable $70.00 with taxes.

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