Ways To Upgrade Your Dab Rig

Ways To Upgrade Your Dab Rig



Recyclers are a two-chamber design within a rig that keeps water and smoke filtering in a circle in an innovative process that provides a cleaner and more potent smoking experience.

Why Should I Use A Recycler?

  • The vapour produced has more contact with water which will help cool your smoke before inhalation. 
  • There is less air volume for the vapour to sit in thus your smoke is less likely to go stale before inhalation. 
  • The bubbles are being popped closer to your mouth, which will help you to savour the taste of the product you are vaporizing.

Happy Dayz has recently brought in a wide selection of rigs that contain recycling apparatus’ such as Red Eye Glass and Gear Premium. 



Reclaimers are attachments that bridge the joint between your rig and your banger/nail. They are added to collect excess concentrate that may become stuck in your piece over time, making sure you get the most from your product.

What is Reclaim?
It is the vapour that condenses back into a solid in your pipe after several hits. It’s another form of concentrate and depending on its intended use, it can be pretty effective. 

Uses for Reclaim
The most popular use for reclaim is baking or cooking while another common use is for mixing topicals for your body. Since reclaim is so concentrated, it works as a fast-acting pain reliever making it a great option for mixing with lotions or coconut oil.

How do I collect it?
You will collect most of the product with a tool and then simply heat the glass and drip the excess oil onto some parchment or cooking paper.

Written by Natassja Stephensen for Happy Dayz

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